The Essentials of Materials – 101

Guide On Choosing A Wooden Worktop

1. You should always look for a style that will fit you. Look for a worktop that will fit your kitchen and your own taste. You should know that oak is considered classic when it comes to wooden worktops. Oak is used in the common farm house kind of kitchen since it can provide a warm feel to the place and it has a notable pattern. There are also some people that would consider choosing American black walnut because it is bold but still beautiful. The American black walnut will give the right contrast to light because it has a rich chocolate tone. In a kitchen where the problem is light, maple should be the choice of many people. Maple is creamy and pale but it has a grain structure that is lovely. The maple has a super smooth finish that every bit of light will be reflected from the surface of the wood.

2. Quality should always be invested. You should know that there are many worktops out there that would fit the budget of any person looking for one but you should not forget the saying that goes, “The quality remains long after the price is forgotten.”. Those worktops that are very cheap may have a low quality. A properly maintained wooden worktops that is of high quality will definitely last for a very long time and will actually add more value to your property if you will decide to sell it in the future.

3. Preparation is a big factor. Before you can use a wooden worktop, I needs to be sealed. Finishing oil or Danish oil are the worktop oil that is the highly suggested treatment. The wooden worktops will have a barrier that is water resistant because of the treatment process done. You should consider this process as one that would be very important on your wooden worktops and you should always have the time to properly do this. If you do a poor treatment procedure on the worktops, it will have a shorter life span.

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4. A perfectly fitted wooden worktop. It is important before you consider fitting the wooden worktops that you make sure the plastering that was done is completely dry and the sides of the wooden worktops have the right amount of oi. You should also consider making sure that you have the right amount of fixing points when you fix the wooden worktops in your kitchen. Your wooden worktops will have small contractions and expansions if you will use expansion brackets that are slotted.

5. Always have a regular maintenance. It is suggested that you should re-oil a wooden worktops at least twice in one year.

The Essentials of Materials – 101

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