My Dog Was Locked in the Car!

No matter how much a parent teaches their child, it is just impossible to cover every single base. While I had taught both of my children about playing in the car when we are not using it, I did not think to tell them that meant the dog too! My young son ran to me the other day and told me the dog was locked in the car, but he told me the dog would be okay because he had the keys inside the car too! I knew I needed an emergency locksmith in Brisbane because while it was not too hot outside, it was still too warm for a dog to stay in a car with the windows rolled up for too long.

I knew that if the locksmith could not come out right away, I was going to have to try and break one of the windows. Our dog is not an animal to us. He is part of the family, and I did not want him to start panicking. I also did not want to risk him getting cut by the glass if I had to break the window, but I was desperate.

Thankfully, the locksmith that I called was able to come right over to our house. Our dog thought that it was one big game, and he was frolicking around in the car while the locksmith worked. I am so glad that I didn’t have to break the window because our dog was just too excited inside, and he probably would have gotten hurt. The locksmith had the door open quickly, and our dog was safe. I had a long talk with my son and daughter about the dangers of putting the dog in the car again, and I also explained that house and car keys are off limits unless I tell them they can get them!

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