Common Policy Coverage in Civil Contracting Works

For any type of project or valuable possession, we need insurance covers to mitigate risks like an uncertain or contingent loss. The insurance protects financial loss in that you get compensated when an uncertain event happens. This cut across industries and the construction sector are among the areas covered. The expansion of the construction sector has brought about the need to have personalized insurance coverage for the sector players, and that is why we have some like civil contracting insurance gold coast that caters for the sector stakeholders in this area. Stakeholders in the civil construction sector like owner drivers, owner-operators, operators of large fleets of earthmoving equipment or providers of civil contacting services should have their equipment covered in this amazing scheme.

Equipment and machines covered include fixed and mobile cranes, road-making equipment, asphalt machines, concreting equipment, drilling rigs, trucks, tippers, among many others used in similar civil construction works.

A personalized insurance cover is best sourced by allowing an insurance provider to offer you a range of their services then a selection is made to suit your current portfolio for efficient cover schemes. Insurers differ from one another concerning the policy coverage on such construction equipment but here we will analyze the common coverage that may be included in most of the covers from different suppliers.

Comes into play when a registered vehicle or equipment causes personal injury or damage to property. The insurer will be legally mandated to cover costs associated with the injury or damage caused.

This occurs when there is a sudden physical damage or destruction to an insured machine or equipment leading to malfunctioning. The insurer takes up this matter for replacement or repair of the affected machine.

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This is the liability to hire resulting from damage to a machine that had been hired for civil works

This is when an owner or operator of the construction equipment or machines losses income for a certain period over damage to an equipment that leads to disruption or stoppage in ongoing works or also the loss of income due to the breakdown of an insured machine. This does not necessarily include the substitute hire costs found in ‘hired in plant’.


An insurer will cover reasonable costs to repair a damaged machine or equipment back to its condition before the damage. This does not always include the wear and tear claims, and sometimes when there is lack of maintenance claims on the part of the machine owner or operator.

This comes up when there is an incidence of personal injury or property damage connected to the insured machine or equipment.

As stated earlier, different insurance providers offer different packages in their policy documents and care should be taken to study them carefully before signing up for their covers. Insurance is good, but also proper care should be taken by the contractors, owners or operators of the machines or equipment insured to absolve one of sabotage claims when an insured incident occurs.